What Would Theodore Roosevelt Do?

Honoring the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, believe it or not, one of the great environmentalists, we will also conserve and protect our beautiful natural resources for the next generation, including protecting lands and anglers and hunters and all of those who enjoy the outdoors.
– President Donald Trump, Dec. 6, 2016

Theodore Roosevelt is a legendary American leader whose conservation achievements remain unmatched. Today, federal entities like the Department of the Interior, Agriculture Department and Environmental Protection Agency are charged with managing our public lands and waters – and upholding Roosevelt’s values.

Roosevelt as a role model? Those are big boots to fill. In some ways the administration is acting in accordance with T.R.’s ideals. But the president and his top resource managers must do more if they want to live up to Roosevelt’s legacy.

Secretary of

the Interior

Ryan Zinke


of Agriculture

Sonny Perdue



Scott Pruitt


Some of the administration’s actions affecting our public lands and waters have been positive. But others – like Interior’s review of 27 national monuments that undermines the integrity of the Antiquities Act and the EPA’s scuttling a plan to safeguard important water resources and fish and wildlife habitat – jeopardize Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy and directly threaten America’s proud hunting and angling heritage.

Remind Secretary Zinke, Secretary Perdue and Administrator Pruitt of Roosevelt’s vision for America’s public estate: Urge them to protect our lands and waters, fish and wildlife while keeping these places open and accessible to sportsmen and women.